Ladies County Championship Final

vs Shropshire
Sunday 16th September
at Littleover Bowls Club, Derbyshire DE23 3ET

Playing on No.1 Green

01. Steph Witherspoon ~ The Maggies
02. Emily Kernick ~ Baldwin
03. Sarah Sterland ~ The Maggies
04. Emily Weaver ~ Ward End Cons
05. Tracey Baker ~ Selly Park
06. Kate Fall ~ Woodbourne
07. Chris Faulkner ~ Ye Olde Knowle
08. Claire West ~ Baldwin
09. Kelly Martin ~ Baldwin
10. Michelle Chatwin ~ Hall Green
11. Jodie Pritchard ~ Ye Olde Knowle
12.Jan Pratley ~ Rowley Labour

Playing on No.2 Green

01. Anne O’Loughlin ~ Hall Green
02. Sarah Homer Selly ~ Park
03. Lorraine Clark ~ The Maggies
04. Emma Goode Selly ~ Park
05. Shannon Kernick ~ Baldwin
06. Sharnie Harvey ~ The Valley
07. Karen Flowers ~ Hall Green
08. Sarah Combellack ~ Bradford Arms
09. Jayne Bates ~ Boldmere St Michael
10. Michelle Meadowcroft ~ Baldwin
11. Maggie Pailing ~ Royal Oak
12. Faye Montgomery ~ Woodbourne
Reserves for either green from:

Maureen Simpson ~ Hockley Heath
Kathryn Willietts ~ Romsley
Bev Pritchard ~ King George V
Katy Lang ~ Tanworth in Arden
Jan Lovesay ~ Wythall
Karen Weaver ~ Ward End Cons
Abby Easthope ~ Banbury
Coach pick up and times:

10:45 Tally Ho
11:00 Hall Green
11:30 Coleshill

£5 for players and under 18s, £10 for adults

It would be nice if we can all travel together, but if you plan to go separately, please let Maggie know through facebook.

All support welcome


Crosfield Cup Final

Over the next three Sundays, we see our Men, Juniors and Ladies all take part in what is the National Finals at each level.
Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 18.00.59.png
This Sunday sees Warwick & Worcester take on South Yorkshire in the Crosfield Cup final. The home leg will be held at Moor Lane BC with the away match being held at Millhouse Park No 1 Green, South Sheffield. Both legs starting at 2pm.
Warwick & Worcester have made the final for the first time since 2015 and will be looking to reclaim the Crosfield Cup on Sunday by defeating fellow finalists South Yorkshire, with both teams having some cracking results to get through to the final. Warwick & Worcester have blooded some new players this season and along with the established members of both the home and away teams, the team have performed really really well and have deserved to make it to the final.
Let’s get behind the team and show our support for all the players in both legs in our attempt to win the 2018 Crosfield Cup.


vs Yorkshire
Sunday 9th September

WINNER TAKES ALL in what is effectively the Junior County Championship Final

Home at Triplex Sports Club B38 8SR

01 Shannon Kernick ~ Baldwin
02 William Clarke ~ Royal Austin BL
03 Cameron Cutler ~ Greville Arms
04 Larissa Harvey ~ Baldwin
05 Louis Jones ~ Royal Oak
06 Harry Fall ~ Woodbourne Sports
07 Callum James ~ Sutton Park
08 Lewis Mooney ~ RSJC
09 Jack Newsome ~ Baldwin
10 Nathan Crocombe ~ Hall Green
11 Reece Maskell ~ Tanworth in Arden
12 Callum Mitchell ~ Royal Oak

Reserves from:

Lilly West ~ Baldwin
Amy Dandy ~ Bell Inn
Imogen Harvey ~ Baldwin
Brooke Hall ~ Maggies
Owyn Jackson ~ Raven
Evan Mooney ~ RSJC
Jamie Richards ~ Raven
Megan Recardo ~ Tanworth in Arden

Practice Times:

Wed 22nd all day upto 5:30pm
Thu 23rd all day
Fri 24th all day
Sat 25th upto 12:30pm after 6pm
Sun 26th after 1:30pm
Mon 27th all day
Tue 28th upto 5:30pm
Wed 29th upto 5:30pm
Thu 30th upto 5:30pm
Fri 31st all day Jack Night from 6:30pm
Sat 1st upto 12:30pm after 6pm
Sun 2nd after 1:30pm
Mon 3rd all day
Tue 4th all day
Wed 5th upto 5:30pm
Thu 6th all day
Fri 7th all day Jack Night from 6:30pm
Sat 8th upto 12:30pm after 6pm

Contact Adam on 07884548534 for gate code
Or Tom on 07824773685.

Away at Crosland Moor Bowling Club, Huddersfield HD4 5BH

1 Nathan Caines ~ Royal Austin BL
2 Lucas Hall ~ Great Barr
3 Dawson Rose ~ Royal Oak
4 Ryan Hocknull ~ West Bromwich FSC
5 Megan Earlis ~ Triplex
6 Ciaran Andrews ~ Deers Leap
7 Mathew Parkes ~ Great Barr
8 Liam Lowery ~ Triplex
9 Matthew Caines ~ Royal Austin BL
10 Andy Ford ~ Selly Park
11 Matthew Grundy ~ Boldmere Sports & Social
12 Tommy McDonald ~ Lea Hall

Reserves from:
Taylor Miller ~ Brookhill
Josh Weaver ~ Brookhill
Taylor Bishop ~ College Arms
Daniel Whitehurst ~ Hall Green
Ben Pritchard ~ King George V
Stan Smith ~ Old Chapel
Jack Darling ~ Triplex
Dylan Adcock ~ West Bromwich FSC

Coach details:

8:45am @ Kings Norton Bowls Club
9:15am @ Scott Arms

Contact Adam on 07884548534 to book your seats.

Book early to avoid disappointment, 1st come 1st served, All players guaranteed seats.

All seats booked will need to be paid for.


BCGBA Senior merit Final
vs South Yorkshire
Sunday 2nd September

Is it coming home !!!

Home at Moor Lane Bowling Club B6 7AA

1 Lee Kington ~ Greville Arms
2 Ryan Prosser ~ The George
3 Gareth Herbert ~ The George
4 Elliot Mcguiness ~ The George
5 Neil Clarke ~ Tanworth in Arden
6 Adam Kirby ~ The Maggies
7 Andy Saunders ~ West Bromwich FSC
8 Greg Smith ~ The George
9 Tom Pritchard ~ King George V
10 Barry Maskell ~ Tanworth in Arden
11 Paul Hemming ~ The George
12 Phil Clinton ~ The George

Reserves from:
James Seville ~ Moseley Cricket Club
Marc Wilson ~ The George
Louis Jones ~ Royal Oak
Away at Millhouses Park No1 Green, Sheffield S7 2QS

1 Ross Dunkley ~ Greville Arms
2 Tom Palmer ~ Kings Heath Park
3 Adam Patrick ~ Moor Lane
4 Josh Hale ~ Greville Arms
5 Mitchell Harvey ~ The Maggies
6 Anthony Bracken ~ Greville Arms
7 Jason Galvin ~ King George V
8 Ben Harris ~ Great Barr
9 Jack Whitehead ~ Moor Lane
10 Steve Darling ~ Greville Arms
11 Peter Dunkley ~ Greville Arms
12 Carl Fielding ~ Greville Arms

Reserves from:
Chris Halford ~ Greville Arms
Ashley Bracken ~ Greville Arms
Chris Bergin ~ King George V

Coach details:
9.20am @ Maggies
9.50am @ Boldmere St Michael

If you are interested, please call Andy Nuttall 07733 360173 or Darren Andrews 07973 839352 to reserve your space.

All seats booked will need to be paid for.

W&W Mens’ Pairs Final

Sunday 12th August, Broomfield, 1pm.

This Sunday sees the Mens Pairs merit final taking place at Broomfield.

The draw will be done prior to the start of the competition, by Association Secretary and Broomfield Chairman, Chris Price.

The eight pairs of finalists are:

Neil Harrell & Paul Norris ~ K.G.V. & K.N.Ex
Adam Weaver & James Cosgrave ~ Ward End Cons
Andy Hartwell & Mark Denman ~ Moor Lane & B.S.M.
Graham Gardiner & Justin Stokes ~ FMN & Drakes Drum
Simon Fisher & Paul Knight ~ K.G.V.
Chris Gerrard & Adam Walker ~ Moor Lane & B.S.M.
Tom Caines & Matthew Caines ~ R.A.B.L. & Triplex
Adam Kirby & Glen Herbert ~ Maggies

Would all players arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start time to sign in.

Players are also reminded that this is an association file, so dress code will be adhered to,
Black trousers and collared shirts please.

Good luck to all.

Ladies County Semi-Final vs North Shropshire

Sunday 19th August

Home team at Solihull Marsh Lane
01. Anne O’Loughlin ~ Hall Green
02. Claire West ~ Baldwin
03. Shannon Kernick ~ Baldwin
04. Megan Earlis ~ Triplex
05. Kate Fall ~ Woodbourne
06. Lorraine Clark ~ The Maggies
07. Sarah Combellack ~ Bradford Arms
08. Michelle Meadowcroft ~ Baldwin
09. Faye Montgomery ~ Woodbourne
10. Maggie Pailing ~ Royal Oak
11. Emily Kernick ~ Baldwin
12. Kelly Martin ~ Baldwin

Reserves from
Sharnie Harvey ~ The Valley
Maureen Simpson ~ Hockley Heath
Kathryn Williets ~ Romsley & Hunnington

Practice times at Marsh Lane
Practice is any time APART from the following:-
Monday 6th 1:30 – 4:30 pm
Tuesday 7th after 6pm
Wednesday 8th am
Saturday 11th 3pm – 7 pm
Monday 13th 1:30 – 4:30 pm
Wednesday 15th am
Thursday 16th after 6pm
Saturday 18th 3pm – 7pm

Away team at Wem United Services Club, Leek Street, Wem, Shropshire. SY4 5EP.
01. Jodie Pritchard ~ Ye Olde Knowle
02. Tracey Baker ~ Selly Park
03. Jayne Bates ~ Boldmere St Michael
04. Emily Weaver ~ Ward End Cons
05. Karen Flowers ~ Hall Green
06. Sarah Sterland ~ The Maggies
07. Sarah Homer ~ Selly Park
08. Emma Goode ~ Selly Park
09. Jan Pratley ~ Rowley Labour
10. Abby Easthope ~ Banbury
11. Michelle Chatwin ~ Hall Green
12. Steph Witherspoon ~ The Maggies

Reserves from
Katy Lang ~ Tanworth in Arden
Jan Lovesay ~ Wythall CCA
Karen Weaver ~ Ward End Cons

There is a large public car park next to the Club, accessed via the High Street (Post code is SY4 5NY). The club will have sandwiches, cakes Tea and Coffee available to purchase in addition to the Licensed Bar. There is some seating available around the green and space for those who wish to bring their own.

There is no coach for this game. If you could please try to travel together, where possible, I will sort out some expenses forms and email them out.

Please also ensure you have your BCGBA card with you on the day of the match.